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Calfe Crimmings uses traditional Venetian polished plaster systems such as Marmorino, Stucco Veneziano and Stucco Spatolato combined with modern, specialist decorating techniques to provide contemporary wall finishes. These polished plaster wall finishes provide faux stone and marble-like surfaces which can even create plaster murals.

Polished plasters have been used since classical times and are first mentioned in 'De Architectura', by the Roman writer Vitruvius in 100 BC. Its use re-emerged during the Renaissance, as there was renewed effort to design and build classically. In Venice during the 16th century, builders addressing the challenge of having to make structures lighter to avoid them sinking into the mud, mixed plaster with marble dust to avoid the weight of marble but emulating its sheen and lustre. The technique became known as Venetian plaster and was widely used in Europe into the 19th century. In the mid 20th century, the Italian designer Carlo Scarpa revitalised Stucco Veneziano polished plaster techniques, using them to high acclaim amongst architectural circles. Subsequent demand has driven research into the use of contemporary materials, creating a wide variety of application, be it for domestic, commercial or public building. 

Although only a thin layer of material is actually used, the effect of a mineral finish adds to the feeling of substantiality. The material itself has a tangible presence. It supports design intentions through sharpness of line and surface delineation. Interest is provided through diversity of tone, patina and colouration. It can be used across the whole design spectrum from ornate classicism to modern minimalist.

Calfe Crimmings also has expertise in a number of modern, specialist finishes. Many of these have metallic or other content, and can be combined with our plasters or applied alone. This array of potential finishes gives us the ability to find a classical or bespoke finish for any design project.

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