Andrew established the company in 2001 and is the technical force behind the company with over 25 years of experience behind him. His understanding and ability to mix colours allows us to have an unlimited colour range. A dog owner and Normandy cider aficionado
Lead Applicator
Gavin joined Andrew in 2003 after many years running the factory department of a furniture co-operative. He has become Andrew’s right hand man and is our senior manager on site. He is also our head trainer of staff. A keen cyclist and QPR supporter
Business Development Manager
Alex joined the company in 2010 in a sales and development role, having spent 15 years in the wine trade. With it he has brought sales, marketing and structural experience to help with the company’s expansion. Wine enthusiast and keen gardener
Senior Applicator
Kris has over 20 years’ experience in decorating, much of which using Italian plasters. Speedy and efficient, he helps enormously in keeping projects to programme. DIY maniac and motorbike fancier
Senior Applicator
Greg can make a stucco wall reflect like a mirror, if that is what you are after. We put this down to his patience and always wanting to look primo. It is probably no surprise that he is from Essex and a triathlete
Senior Applicator
Marcin came to us from years of straight decorating and that has stood him in good stead. He is diligent and meticulous which is the ever important base in our work. Dreadful taste in music though…
Billy is our new addition to the team. Energetic and willing to learn, he has quickly become an invaluable staff member.
Andrew’s missus, who has put the company firmly on the social media map. She quietly balances this with various administrative mop up work
Crucial and important roles in the creative department. Spend plenty of time running, walking and swimming before dreaming up the new finishes. Zzzzzz…